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Bit the proverbial Bullet!

I just joined the Forum the other day, and did a lot of thread reading since then. Well....today, I pulled the trigger and bit the bullet and got the Note 2!! Haven't had much of a chance to do anything with it yet, I want to give it a full charge before I start getting to know it! I'm excited though, and I know coming from an iPhone5 to Android is a big switch! But, I have 2 years to learn all about it! LOL
I will continue to read threads to learn what I can from all the great people on the Forum and will post if I have questions (which I probably will!) or problems!
Any advice right from the start from anyone would be welcome! Thanks!!!!:)
Congrats on your purchase!

I would suggest to get a quality case, not only because of protection, but also makes it easier to hold. The phone is a bit slippery to hold, and because of its larger screen size would be slightly easier to crack. I learned the hard (expensive) way when I dropped my phone knee high and cracked the screen. And since the phone was fairly new then, there were no parts to repair it, I had to shell out 200 to get my phone replaced with a brand new unit.

Hope you have many sleepless nights enjoying your phone, like I had when I first got mine. Cheers!

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