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Black and White themes?


Aug 8, 2010
Got on a black and white kick, i've found some really cool black and white wallpapers but haven't really found any good b&w themes or icons..

anyone have anything like this out there? anyone have any screenshots?

If this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it or let me know and i'll repost it
I looked around over on xda and it seems like most of the themes that are black and white were not updated to work with aosp 9.9.2 because the framework changed with that update and most people started to work on gingerbread themes.

But if you are using adw launcher there are some nice black and white themes out in the market that will theme your icons and launcher dock.

You ever think about flashing a gb rom? I know there are many themes out right now for both cm7 and aospcmod that theme the whole rom and are still being actively developed. Just a thought.
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I'm using launcher pro and haven't found any themes in market for it.

I've considered flashing a GB rom but really don't feel like messing with it, what does the process include? Just doing a nandroid of my current rom, DLing a GB rom and flashing?

Yea just nandroid full wipe flash the rom zip then the gapps zip.

And adw is just as smooth as launcher pro imo. And it also has a ton of themes to apply. Just search adw theme (black) in the market and see what I mean.
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