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Help Blank Emails


Mar 14, 2013
Our office recently moved from Blackberry to a variety of Android and iPhones. We use a Groupwise datasync server that emulates Microsoft Exchange Activesync.

For the most part, it works fine. However, a small percentage of the emails received on Android phones only (I've seen the issue on Galaxy S III, Rugby Pro, and the Captivate Glide) is that a person receives an email. They can see who it is from, the subject, attachments, but the message field is blank, even though you can read the message fine on a PC.

Several people have suggested this might be a font issue. The text of the message does not appear to be there at all. When I hit reply on a longer email, the original message should appear at the bottom of the email with a scroll bar. When I reply on a blank email, the original message area is also blank, but there is also no scroll bar, indicating to me there is no invisible text there either.

I have also tried messing with fonts, background screens, power save settings all to no avail. The problem only happens on one or two percent of all emails with not rhyme or reason as to when it is blank. I just sent an email out to 80 people and it was blank for only a small number of the recipients.

Any ideas on what to try next would be greatly appreciated.



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