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Help Blank screen - not able to Hard reset - Need help


Sep 9, 2011

I am having a HTC Desire HD, I had done system update two days back and since yesterday, I am getting a blank screen. dint install any software.. suddenly it went blank after taking a call.

The phone is working, meaning others can call and I can take calls but the screen is blank....

I removed the battery and start again, no luck.
I am not able to connect it to my PC or HTC sync..

the usual option of Hard reset using Volume and power button is of no use as I cannot see anything in my screen....

any suggestion of how to factory reset with blank screen??

Many Thanks
You can factory reset via ADB, but if you can't connect the phone to the PC, then that rules that option out unfortunately. What happens when you try to connect?

I'd say you're best calling HTC/your provider and seeing if they'll take it in for repair as that sounds like a hardware issue.

Thanks for the reply.
I got the HTC service guy to check and got the update that motherboard needs to be replaced. I dint drop my phone nor put it in water or anywhere... wonder how come the Motherboard is affected...
the original replacement would come to 300 SGD, quite an expensive option...

can someone suggest any Reliable HTC mobile repair shops in singapore that I can try??

MAny Tks
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I'd go back to HTC and ask them why you're being charged for the replacement when you've not done anything to damage the phone yourself. As standard, the phone comes with a 2 year warranty so if it's not been dropped/immersed in water etc, then you shouldn't have to pay.

They've tried that sort of thing before (albeit with a UK customer), but if you're a little assertive, hopefully they'll back down.
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