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Root bloatware and OTA question


Jul 24, 2010
I'm rooted via unrevoked only so I could gain things like tether, VNC server, screenshots, and LEDs hack for Netflix and kindle viewing and also be able to remove bloatware.

I removed peep with Titanium Backup without doing a backup NAND or otherwise. Now friendstream is broken. I used FS to update Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, I liked that. I also liked having some accounts linked with Twitter. I don't want to remove friendstream to use something else as I believe that will break my contacts links with their Facebook accounts. The integration is what I liked about the pre-installed social apps. And that's why I want Peep back. Like the official Facebook app, the official Twitter app does not seem to integrate with contacts though I still use them for most of my Facebooking and tweeting. Just not when I want to do it simultaneously.
So how do I reinstall Peep and restore the original functionality it provided to my contacts and friendstream?

Also I was playing with ClockworkMod without knowing what I was doing and I think I loaded the clockwork rom. I think I then reloaded the stock rom ...I think. How do I know if I have a stock rom? Id like to keep stock rom because I like minimal mids with my gadgets. It usually just makes headaches for me.

Also, since I'm rooted, will I still receive OTA updates? Again I like stock stuff and I don't want 2.3 or anything else. Just want the official current releases without extra work.

Thanks in advance.
What does your phone say if you hit menu > settings > about phone > software information?
If you flash a stock rom(available over at xda forums) you will get all the apps back you removed. You should always just "freeze" apps with titanium, don't remove them, unless you made a backup.

You can not accept ota's if rooted, it will unroot you and has the potential to really screw up the phone.

Ps, clockwork is not really something you should play around with, you could really screw up your phone that way too.
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