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Block Anonymous Calls?


Android Enthusiast
Jan 10, 2012
Columbus, OH
Need to know how to block anonymous calls on the LG F3Q.

My wife owns this phone and she's getting called by some person who was randomly dialing numbers trying to find female voices. Now this guy won't stop calling her. She doesn't pick up the phone but the phone rings at least once a day.

Per T-Mobile's website, they won't block anonymous calls through the line. Per the website it says you must do it through the phone. So I found this:

Calls: LG Optimus F3Q | T-Mobile Support

But it doesn't say how to do all anonymous calls. It just lets you block per number or contact.
After coming home and getting a hold of my wife's phone, there is a built in way to block calls but it just sends them to voicemail which my wife did not want happen.

Tried that Mr.Number app and got it working to pick up and then disconnect all unknown, private, and blocked calls. Tested it by using my phone and dialing #67 first and it worked. Now the guy can't even get to voicemail and my wife's phone won't bother her at work or late at night.

She told me all he wants is to have my wife listen to him masturbate. Which is why she didn't want his voicemails either.
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