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Blu contact blues


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May 9, 2017
My friend got a Blu government phone from somebody who was sick of it. Yeah, it's a real cheapie. Now the guy who had it wants the contacts from it. That sounds simple enough but it's been a headache. We couldn't find a way to export them as a file, only import. Apparently it's not possible to send them via email. Probably the only thing left is to write them out by hand and mail them. I guess the phones aren't in close enough proximity for some kind of sharing.
I guess he didn't. My friend got it with a lot of apps still there when they probably would have disappeared. The guy must have been really disgusted with it. Why isn't there an option to export contacts, not just import them? Is the phone really that cheap?
do not know why there is not an export option.

and with tech.....you get what you pay for.

if the contacts are still on the phone, he can go to the play store and search for saving contacts.

here is my search:

do not know if any will be available for your friends phone or not.
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