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Blu J5L G5 C5L2020 A5L Studio x5

Justin Raney

Mar 8, 2021
I was looking into back up or a spare phone.

Does anyone have experience with the Blue J5L 1gb 32gb storage? Seems like a nice phone and can be bought unlocked new on ebay for 40-50$

How about the G5, C5L 2020, A5L and studio X5 i read was a good compact phone.

Alot of the reviews of these phones say they crash and are slow to process.

Im looking into a smaller 4g VoLTE phone unlocked compatible with t-mobile or other 4g gsm network.

If anyone has tried these blu phones for around 40-70$ please let me know.

If only the g power 2021 was 1.5" shorter it would be an awesome compact phone and pocket friendly.

If these blu phones besides the G50 and V50 100$ range are know to crash or slow processing i may not be interested.

Also what is the go edition of android 10 and are the phones on amazon or Ebay international models. I read somewhere that certain carriers wouldn't register international model imei.

Ebay told me the blade A31 plus was t-mobile compatible and 4g VoLTE. The A31 Lite blade wasn't for use with t-mobile anymore.
what do you plan on doing with your phone? play games? watch or stream videos? internet?

and don't get a phone with only 1gig of ram. those phones are only good for calls and text. i would not use that for anything else. i would recommend a phone with at least 3gigs of ram.

as far as Blu goes, it is almost an off-brand device. do not expect much for customer service or even for your standard updates.

the android go edition phones are just a stripped down version of android. no bells or whistles. again those phones are pretty much just good for calls and texts and the occasional emails.
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I agree with @ocnbrze don't bother with an Android phone with 1GB of RAM. That's just not enough memory, unless you are comfortable using a phone that's running Android Go with its reduced functionality. You may be saving some money up front but in the long-term you have to deal with the inherent issues that plague those bargain-class phones that just don't have enough system resources. There are a lot of alternatives in that budget class category, that do have more RAM and better processors too. Spend a little more and get a phone that just works instead of one that you're going to just write-off as minimally usable.



If you buy a carrier-locked phone directly from your chosen carrier that typically reduces the initial cost of a phone, but that also involves the phone will have a lot of added branding and bloatware, plus tying you into a contract with that carrier. (The actual cost of the phone gets spread out throughout your monthly payments). Buy a carrier-unlocked phone from a regular retailer if you want the option to switch to a different carrier.

Regarding '....I read somewhere that certain carriers wouldn't register international model imei...' that sounds odd. Please post the site or sites you saw this. It sounds more like someone is griping about how they couldn't get their phone working with some carrier but they're not providing all the details. Phones that are stolen or have unpaid billing issues get their IMEI entered into a blacklist that most carriers follow. If a phone is on that list, that's when carriers won't allow it to be registered.
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You know it may have been on amazon or ebay reviews of the phone said "dont buy the international modelmy service provider wouldnt register an international model in the us" another review said phone didnt have correct bands or something of that sort,

Im looking at the Blu J5L 1gb 32gb phone for 40$ open box on ebay as well as the G5, A5L, C5L android 10 phones.

Anyone else have a recommendation of a 5"-5.75" total dimension phone thats pocket friendly. Looking for newer models 2020-21-22 released phones with android 10+.

Some people said the processor was real slow apps load real slow and such but someones had had experience with these phones.

Im using my new g power 2021 has 6.5" display is almost 7" long. If only they made it 5.5-5.75" pocket friendly size same exact phone just a 1.5" smaller would be great.

Just looking for a smaller 4g VoLTE Blu phone 16gb-32gb 1-2gb ram that isnt know to crash or have problems.


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Theres also the G5 someone local has one new in box for 63$ is 2gb 16gb but is android 9 pie

BLU A5L A0050LL GSM Unlocked 16GB Dual-Sim 4G LTE Android Smartphone | eBay

BLU J5l 32gb GSM Unlocked Android Smart Phone - Black (#22) 848958039808 | eBay

The above J5L is what im looking at new or open box for 40$ on ebay 1gb 32gb. The ebay reviews of the 1gb 32gb phone are good. It was an RCA Reno phone on amazon for 40$ that had bad reviews maybe international model?

BLU J5L J0050WW 32GB GSM Unlocked Android Smart Phone
  • Display: 5.0 inches IPS LCD, Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Memory: 32GB, 1GB RAM - MicroSD up to 64GB
  • Main Camera: 8 MP w/ LED Flash - Selfie Camera; 8MP
  • Platform: Android 10 (Go edition) -- Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 --Mali-T820
  • Battery: Li-Ion 2200 mAh
  • Dimensions: 5.67 x 2.85 x 0.44 in, Weight: 5.47 oz
Any reason not to get a 1gb 32gb J5L the A5L is smaller maybe a better phone looking for something around 5" android 10 and 4g VoLTE.

If anyone could browse those phones see what you think as far as smaller mobile phones go i think theyre perfect.
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Heres what they told me about there zte blade A31lite. I think the standard A31 and A31 PLUS 6" phone has t-mobile compatible on the ebay link pics but is as big as my g power 2021. Read the ebay message i received from them about the A31 lite international model. May have been on amazon reviews. I was looking for a smaller zte phone similar to my quest 5. The A31Lite was the next option zte told me unfortunately they didnt sell them outright and i think said that the phone may be compatible.

Tho this seller lists as tmobile compatible 1gb 32gb zte blade a31 lite international model.
ZTE Blade A31 Lite 32GB 4G LTE GSM Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone New | eBay



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