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Help Blue dots/stains on camera


Dec 13, 2010
I just found out that my Note 2 camera shows some blue dots that is very visible when in low light and somewhat visible in bright backgrounds

The phone's not rooted and the dots are visible when using the camera regardless of apps

Does anyone know what the problem is? I tried restarting the phone, closing and reopening camera apps but it is still there. Don't think it was there when I first got the phone.

Thanks in advance!

For months, I thought I had physical issues with my screen (ex: burnt pixels)... But one day I did the following and realized it's a software glitch.

Try this:

When in camera mode, cover the camera lens so your screen is black (you should see one/many blue dots in the same place that you previously had/saw them)...

Now to prove that is a software glitch and not a physical issue, use your fingers to zoom in/out (while still covering the screen so it remains black)... the blue dots will now grow/shrink as you zoom in/out and notice they will move elsewhere on the screen.... this proves its not a physical issue such as burnt pixels.

I accidentally discovered this. Let me know if indeed this is the same issue in your case. The funny thing is .. everyone who has them, are at different places from one phone to the other, but wherever they are on a given phone, they seem stay the place making you think it's a physical issue.

Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem recently :( It made me panic for a while because I gave it much thought and I did not drop my phone or soak it in rain or anything else.
I realized too that it must be a software problem since zooming the camera in and out moves the blue dots as well.
Do you guys know how to fix it?
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I have same problem I take picture at night time and it will alway have the blue pixel on screen. I have try to zoom in to the picture for me to see what is the problem but always not obvious what problem is. Please indicate with a reply what I should do so that this problem can be fix ASAP as possibly. This is very important that you reply with fix so that all next Samsung phones will be best than the old Samsung phones. Tahnks!
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