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Help Bluetooth audio skipping

When using my Bionic to play music/audio via Bluetooth in my 2011 Ford Fusion about every 30 seconds it will hiccup for a second and then continue playing. I have tested using multiple audio apps (BeyondPod, Doggcatcher, and Google Music) and it does it with all three. I haven't had a chance to test it using any other Bluetooth audio device other than my car but it is really annoying. Is anyone else having similar issues and possibly know of a fix?
Yes, I have a 2011 Fusion and I get sporadic skipping as well via Bluetooth. However, I use Bluetooth headphones at work and NEVER have a skipping problem, so it's definitely something to do with Sync. I haven't tried turning WIFI off, but that could explain it because sometimes I don't get skipping, and sometimes I do. I'll have to pay attention to see if it's only doing it with WIFI on.
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Turn off your wifi. Ive had this exact same problem ever since I boight my og Droid in my ford focus running sync. It appears the bionic has the same issue. For some reason either motorola or the ford sync has a problem with the Bluetooth interfering with the wifi. Turning off you wifi should fix the problem:)

Thanks for the response! I turned off wifi and it seems as though the skipping has stopped. I haven't had a chance to test it thoroughly though but at least on the drive home from work it didn't skip.
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I am also having this problem with my Bionic and my Sony Xplod car stereo. I tried to fix it after reading some of these posts and it still is skipping. Here is what I did to try and fix it. Made sure my wifi was off. Deleted all of the bluetooth pairings that my Xplod had in it's memory. Deleted all the bluetooth pairings in my phone. Re-paired my phone and my Xplod, reconnected. It stopped skipping for a few minutes but after that back to the usual skipping every 30 seconds to 1 minute. I have tried using different music/podcasting applications on the phone and they all have the same skipping. Prior to buying this phone I had a Droid 2. I used this phone to listen to music/podcasts on a daily basis with the same Xplod car stereo and never had any skipping issues. Obviously it is a phone issue and I'm hoping it's a software problem and not a hardware problem. I have already exchanged the phone for a different problem and I really don't want to go through all the hassle to exchange it again.
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Hey everybody I am new to the forum and had the same issue with the audio. So I started tinkering around with my phone and went to settings-battery and data manager-data delivery- and TURN OFF data. U will then have only a phone signal and no 3g/4g. After doing this everything plays smooth as butter. My wifi had nothing to do with the skipping so let me know if this works for anybody else using a bluetooth stereo. Thanks
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