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Accessories Bluetooth Headset for Droid Incredible


Mar 23, 2010
Pardon me if I missed a thread or if this thread is not pertinant to this forum but... Wanted to ask the Incredible forum users what Bluetooth headset best fits these criteria.

Since the phone quality on the headset end is marginal at times what headset provides the best:
  1. Phone quality
  2. Best Noise reduction
  3. Light weight and small
  4. Feature rich
  5. 6+ hrs talk battery life. 8+ would be even better.
  6. Not butt ugly.
  7. Great voice dial integration when Android 2.2 comes out with voice dialing.
  8. Wouldn't hurt if the list price is under $99 and less than $69 on eBay.
Best BT headset is still the Plantronics Voyager line. The Voyager Pro being the latest. That line has about the best incoming/outgoing quality - or as good as the best.

For the best noise reduction it is the JawBones.

All decent headsets should perform the same no matter which phone they're paired with, meaning that they should not be phone dependent.
I still think the best place to read about headset opinions and reviews is the BT forum at hofo.
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BlueAnt T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset at MobileCityOnline.com

I hadn't checked out the BT forum lately, so I just did. And now I like that BlueAnt - I'd wait for reviews (it is coming out in 2 weeks or so).

But for stereo BT headsets, I don't know. I've never found the AQ to be anywhere near my liking when compressed and sent over BT.
But there are some like the Jabra 8010 that are a single headset with the second headset that has a wire that connects to the main headset - nothing else, no extra control thing. But the sound quality is going to be better from something else.

I'd read a dedicated BT forum for stereo headset reviews.
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