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Bluetooth - Paired but not connected


Apr 18, 2010
I'm trying to pair my Desire with my laptop to send a photo over bluetooth. I can't seem to connect properly as it says 'paired but not connected'. When I go into the photo I want to send and select 'send by bluetooth' it doesn't do anything, but in my notifications it says 'bluetooth transmission completed - 0 items sent'
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Hi, I had the same problem. You need to make you phone discoverable. Into settings, then wireless and network settings, then Bluetooth settings, tick the box "make device discoverable" and your good to go. On the downside, you only have 2 mins to complete the transaction, have not figured out how to lift the time restriction as yet.

Yeah I had made it discoverable. Will try again later to see if I get any luck
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I'm having a similar issue right now. I want to pair my old ATT HTC Pure, on which I have flashed a version of Froyo, with my current Sprint Optimus S. The goal is to use the camera on the old phone, which is better, but to have immediate access to the pictures on the new phone, as long as I have both phones with me.

I thought in order to make the devices recognize each other at all, one had to be discoverable to the other. In my case, if I make the old HTC discoverable, the new LG will pair with it fine. But what do I have to do in order to connect them?
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