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Help Bluetooth quality issues in car

I have a weird issue with my M8. It has developed an issue with the phone component over Bluetooth in my car. When I originally bought the phone the Bluetooth was OK, but now in order to hear the other caller in my car I have to put it very close to my dash board or hold it with my hand (Almost like my body boosts bluetooth reception like an antenna). If I do not hold it or get it super close to my dash it becomes garbled and everything is unintelligible like I was streaming music over a bad connection. Speaking of streaming music - I use it while driving and I have ZERO Issues with that side of the bluetooth. It sounds crystal clear just like it should and I don't have to hold it.

I have the latest update (4.4.4)
I hard reset the phone and installed two Bluetooth apps online that I read would help.
Thinking it might be my car (2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek) I tried 3 other phones (iPhone 5, LG G3, Samsung Note 4) and they worked perfectly.

All of this has not helped the situation. I search but could not find anything similar, just connection issues. Anyone have any similar issues?
Thank you, Olbriar. I too find it very weird. I think it is defective, a bad bluetooth chip or something is blocking or interfering with the reception. It leads me to believe that it is something definitively hardware and not software.

Not particularly impressed with HTC's swan song. Between the less than desireable camera that I had to clean off and now my 'hands-ons' hands-free bluetooth has lead me to wanting a different phone. :D

Hopefully my replacement M8 will be OK. Until I have to clean off the screen that is!

Thank you again for your help.
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