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Root [Boost Mobile] Anyone had this problem?


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Sep 24, 2012
A while back I was in shins rom then switched to noobv once it got updated everything was fine, then one day I tried to play music and the headset icon kept flashing on and off not staying connected then I heard a clicking sound in the headphones itself but my speakers work fine so I'm wondering if maybe I fried my audio port somehow because I haven't been able to plug in headphones in about a month soo and I tried every possible solution I can think of any advice?
I have this going on on Cyanoid 3.0 with Alien kernel. It really annoys the shit out of me. I'm hoping that it's not a hardware issue

I'm sad to say that I think it is a hardware issue I flashed almost every kernel tried numerous rom I'm going to try going back to stock and see if that works.... But ultimately I probably just buy a gs2
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