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zte warp (n860)

  1. D

    Root DTM all the work I did

    If anyone wants access to all the work I did for this phone, or the n861, I have a dropbox account with some files. Do with it as you will, just don't use it for terrorism, or other shenanigans :D Anyways Account: downthemachine@gmail.com Password: freeforall You can literally delete...
  2. D

    Help paranoid speakerphone only

    I tried paranoid and love it .... the only problem is when I call someone ... they can only hear me when I use speakerphone. I searched the forum from my mobile and came up empty handed. Thanks in advance! :-)
  3. Dm47021

    Root Well, iam bored, Maybe mess around and port a new AOSP rom to this P.O.S. for the hell of it

    what do ya;ll think, i havent done much for this phone on a long time.. iam bored now and its all i have left after the psycho ex gf
  4. T

    Help Cant Change My Time Settings

    My ZTE N860, for some time now, has not been letting mw manually adjust the time settings. this aint really been an issue as its not my main phone and I only really use it for Instagram and WhatsApp. But recently my WhatsApp stopped working because it said my time and date were wrong and needed...
  5. T

    Help Wifi Problems

    Hey everyone...my ZTE N860 all of a sudden jus stopped completely connecting to the wifi network. I will see the signal bars all lit up in white and it will say "obtaining IP address." Then it will say "connected" but the icon remains white as apposed to turning green. I have turned it off and...
  6. Wulfy

    Help ZTE Warp charging and possible battery issues

    I recently got ahold of a ZTE Warp and have been dealing with some really odd issues since. First off, it would only try to turn on when plugged in, but would never get past the Boost logo before turning off and booting up again. It would go into this boot loop every time until i reset the...
  7. R

    Root [Boost Mobile] re: a problem rooting a ZTE Warp with Ultra Warp Drive

    I forgot to add. I have a Gateway md2614u laptop with os Win7 home 32bit. I had to dump my ZTE Warp 4g n9510 cell phone back to factory default because a hacker got into it (everything on the phone, games, contacts list and so on is backed up on on a windows cd-disk, before the hacker hit it. I...
  8. F

    Root [Boost Mobile] Best Rom

    I viewed quite a few roms and most of them are pretty nice. In leaning towards AlienWarp or CM. What is the smoothest ,fastest ,most stable and complete Rom for this phone? Is AlienWarp based off CM or JB or?
  9. Nasinator8

    Root [Boost Mobile] Screen not detecting touch

    This is random but when i try to click on an app on the main screen it wont open. Then when i keep doing it after 8-10 tries it finally selects and opens. With the keyboard when i was trying to type the letter p it kept selecting an o. I did a calibration and it still doing the same thing. Any...
  10. Memorra

    Root [Boost Mobile] Reinstalling apps after flashing new rom

    Can I get some advice on how to reinstall apps from one rom to another? I have quite a few apps I'd love to try out on halobean rom which I just installed. My plan is to revert to backup image to stock, and somehow backup my desired apps, reflash halobean and hopefully reinstall them as fresh...
  11. Dm47021

    Root [Boost Mobile] Should i make a triumphant return here and blow everyone away ???

    YES?? or is there not enough activity anymore
  12. G

    Root [Boost Mobile] Help!!

    No se ingles , Soy de Mexico y en mx boostmobile no funciona, me cambie de compa
  13. G

    Root [Boost Mobile] Avance??

    hola si abra avance para el zte n860? quisiera cm11 o cm10 estable ,gracias
  14. Nasinator8

    Root [Boost Mobile] Cwm & twrp

    I have cwm installed but need to install twrp. Do i need to remove cwm or just install twrp? If so, how? :)
  15. S

    Help idk what to do about my pdanet not responding

    my pdanet on my laptop doesnt even read the one thats on my phone and my make and model phone has to be done manually so i cant root my phone with out this can someone please help me im in dire need of assistance.
  16. slyseidell

    Root [Boost Mobile] Free root file manager

    I found this on xda its not mine just passing it along..... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1523691
  17. M

    Help help please

    I have the zte from boost mobile I tried to put it in download mode.by holding the power button and the volume down and it does not work at all.please if there is another way to put it in download mode please help.Im trying to install a new ROM in my phone because all it does is freeze and shut...
  18. iram

    Switching to LGVolt

    Probably will switch to LGVolt....While I would have preferred the S5 just cant afford it and it will probably never get down to a price I think reasonable in my lifetime or its. The Volt aka F90 seems a good compromise and Best Buy apparently has it for $150. ================== Of course...
  19. Tigatron

    Root [Boost Mobile] Im back. For now.

    Hey long time everybody... Been busy with life (if you can call it that); but woke up yesterday to go to work and found my S2 powered off... if you try to turn it on it shows splash for a split second and its back off (cant get bootloader or recovery so its fully dead) Anyway im back on my warp...
  20. j2f4studios

    Root Working On Custom Roms For ZTE WARP 4G!

    I am working on a Custom Rom, based of of SuperR's stock 4.1 Rom. The roms will still be beta versions and all feedback is welcome. Im not new to rom development, but im not a genius either. I will be posting soon:D
  21. Nickolasj80

    Root [Boost Mobile] Will Warp ROMs work with Warp 4G?

    I'm curious if anyone has tried to flash one of the roms in this forum to a Warp 4G? Or would it just fail to flash or brick the device? Thanks
  22. Skinnyjeans21

    Root [Boost Mobile] Another MSL Method???

    So while I was activating a spare Warp for my mom (she dropped hers in a chemical bath), I accidentally got my MSL code... I ran an online activation of my spare phone through the Update Handset method, and it said that to program my phone I might need to use my account data to do it, at...
  23. iram

    Baidu. Browser

    Has any one used Baidu browser? Trying it now. Seems OK. Cant find much instructions though.
  24. L

    Root [Boost Mobile] i need a new Os.

    I have a zte warp n860 2.3.5, is there a better os that i can upgrade 2 , if so how do i do it Thank you
  25. Dm47021

    Root [Boost Mobile] is this the end ???

    Has our died ?