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Root [Boost Mobile] [Port] step by step guide for newbies


Thanks to the author and xda here is another great forum for people to test out. Ill be checking/ testing this one as well ill be reporting back soon.

Got around to an attempt and test but sadly i got an error message. I forgot what it said but it had the #6 in it. No nothing bad happen to my warp and yes i made a system back up. Im trying to port an HTC evo 3d Rom. Unfortunately im gonna re do the steps and start from scratch. Ill post my first build with the error so other devs can take a look at it.

Here's my build with the error status 6 message
-----> http://db.tt/aat265uO
Everyone is welcome to take a look at it an please stop the negative comments yeah. Im a noob trying to learn so F.O.
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you mean it compilied?
If it's just an install/flashing script error I can fix that easy. I was reading that thread as well the Dev said
Take any clean CM9, AOSP, CM7, CM10 ROM which is running on your device as Base ROM.
If that is the case you can stop now as we have now aosp roms. You might also get better results from porting from a ZTE Blade 1/Orange san francisco bay as they pretty much have close to the same specs and the ro.product.board=Arthur on the warp and the blade.
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