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Root [Boost Mobile] Root allows CONTROL


Jul 2, 2012
I was excited to root my phone and thereby gain control over thangs that couldn't be modified without root.
Like, eliminate having to swipe when the phone is turned on, to unlock it.
Like not having the screen go blank before I even have a chance to swipe.
Like, not having the screen go blank when I am in a phone call.
probably some others that escape me right now.

But, I don' know how to do any of that. I got root and I got nuttin.
Maybe there are those of you who know how to do this stuff, and could enlighten me. TYVM.
Just read, and follow the yellow brick road!, You need to start exploring your phone. Kinda like a date,
(snoop around and figure things out, but don't do anything stupid until you're sure of it).
You'll get it! :)
That's what we're here for. To help. We were all Noobs in the beginning. (Hell, I'm still learning)
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Just having root access doesn't do anything but allow access to the normally protected file system. If you're looking for features that aren't available on your stock phone you can install a custom rom now that you're rooted. You'll also need a custom recovery. Read the atr guide in the stickies to learn about recoveries and roms. Then ask questions and we will get you pointed in the right direction!
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