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Root boot looping - haven't flashed recently


Apr 16, 2012

I rooted my desire a few months ago following guides here, installed cyanogen mod 7 then gave it to my wife to use.

It's been running great, until tonight when she tells me she rebooted it because it was force closing and now it's stuck in a boot loop. I know she'd been running out of memory and using apps2sd which may have caused the problem.

TBH, when I rooted, I just followed the guides, then instantly forgot what I did, so I have no idea what I need to do, even after reading similar forum posts.

I can get into the menu using Power + Vol down but don't know what I should do after that.

It has S-OFF and recovery goes to CWM-AlphaRev Recovery v2.5.1.8
if that helps.

I did install titanium backup so there should be a backup on the sd card, but prob not a recent one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Excellent. Booting up again.

The original reason for rooting was to overcome the limited internal storage for apps. I thought I'd followed the steps to partition the sdcard to install apps, but it obviously didn't work.

Is it possible to set up the phone so that apps are seemlessly automatically installed to sdcard?

This is what the phone storage says right now with 4GB card inserted.

SD Card
Total space 3.19GB
Available space 2.42GB

Internal Storage

Total space 148MB
Available space 106MB
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cool :)

right yes i see - i didnt go the partition route as it seem to cause issue for some peope - so i went the hboot method - using cm7r2 - with dgb i had around 160mb free with my 50 ish apps loaded - which is very good for me
Currently i only have around 90mb free as on bigger rom - but that is ok

im not sure if a rom will auto install apps to sd - but i have seem some that ask you where to install the app when you download it

hope that helps

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