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Root Bootloop


Android Enthusiast
Mar 26, 2011
charleston WV
I have a situation where i have Raidzero rom and rz recovery but deleted all in recovery and now im stuck with the rom that doesnt load right also im taking back to 2.2.2 and bootloop mostly. Ive tried RSD lite and can program but when its time to reboot to phone i can cause the rom starts loading. What can i do? Also ive lost root. Plz help
UPDATE!! White screen my droid finally made it. And something loose inside from many battery pulls and such. Does anyone have a droid they put away and upgraded. I dont have much money. I just need a wifi working droid thats all it doesnt have to be good condition or ever good esn since i used mine for wifi only for my kids. Can have a crack long as its touch safe. I have a prepaid VZW camera Samsung smooth i can trade for anything someone might have.
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