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Bottom Speakers on Google Pixel 6 Stop Working Sometimes


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Sep 4, 2013
I have a strange problem on a Google Pixel 6. There are two large loud stereo speakers on the bottom of the phone, and a less loud single speaker on top. It used to be that all notifications and the alarm application used all of those speakers. In the last month or so, some applications have stopped using the louder stereo speakers and only use the top speaker in isolation. Unfortunately, my morning wakeup alarm is one of those applications, and the top speaker alone is not enough to get me to wake up. What system setting might have changed, maybe during an upgrade, that would stop the stereo speakers from getting used in all contexts?
i don't have the phone, but i have yet to come across any android setting that can change what speakers to use for notification sounds. have you gone into your phone's settings and did a search for speaker settings? or speaker notification settings?

if you can't find it, maybe take it in to your local cell provider and see if there is a technician that can take a look at the phone.
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