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Root Bricked Triumph...


Apr 12, 2012
Wanting to put CWM on the Triumph and experiment with custom ROMS, I booted the phone into download mode, replaced the recovery.img with a CWM for the Triumph (The same img worked on another Triumph, I did the replacement on), but CWM couldn't access the drive for some reason. Nothing was accessible from the SD card for some reason. But the SD card worked in CWM on other phones.

Copied files from the other Triumph onto the problem Triumph; didn't work. The swap sent the phone into a boot-loop.

Replaced all the files in the mobile folder with a set that other people on AF found helpful for them. That didn't work either. After that, it was pretty much bricked.

The screen doesn't turn on and there's no indication the phone even works anymore except for the red LED. The LED lights up when plugged in, stays on for 2-4 seconds, then turns off for a few seconds and repeats the process.

Download mode is also not working.

Sorry if this was long, but I wanted to explain the stuff leading up to the brick. I'd appreciate any help.
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I tried booting into download mode with the device unplugged, and took out the battery for 30 seconds and put it back in.

I can hear the two-note tone that plays when a USB device is connecting, but it seems unable to connect. The tone matches the flickering red LED.

Still no indication of life unless the phone is plugged in, then the light comes on and off repeatedly.
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