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Okay do you get the same thing with it plugged into the computer? If so you may have to try and do the fastboot thing (adb). Let me look it up...

damn it i cant find it im also pressed on time. Let me see if i can tomorrow when i dont have to be at work soon. Hopefully someone here can beat me too it. Its like the gold card method but not.... ARG...
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okay found the links and the stuff i was talking about. I was wrong.

Something is missing or not right. Have you tried holding down the home and power button? May need to hold it for a while...

Another thing is may want to see if Tmobile can help you get it back to normal. Tell them you must have downloaded a virus or something and when you rebooted the phone one day it went to that. I know they are not stupid but there is a warranty on them phones. I had a year warranty and i screwed my very first one up BAD to where it was asking for a rom.

side note... this sounds familiar like i have done what you did before... I honestly cant remember if i had to YEP.... call tmobile and get a replacement. You might be crap out of luck. Then again its been over a year so my memory could be bad.

damn it i hate being old...
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Sorry that i was unable to successfully bring your phone back to life.

Did a quick google on the color of your LED and found this:

Solid blue: battery is fully charged, when connected to the AC adapter or computer.

Solid red: battery is charging

Flashing blue: you have a pending notification

Flashing red: battery is low and needs charging.

purple/yellow: get away, it's about to blow up!

Do you have a friend that has an MT3G? Sounds like it may be a battery issue and its about to blow or extremely bad. Maybe placing his battery in yours to see if that helps.
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