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t-mobile mytouch 3g

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    Please help me ASAP

    I rooted my myTouch 3G and after rebooting my device i'm stuck at the first screen where it shows you how to use your device and asks you to sign in or create google account. I mean when i sign in it says 'you don't have a network connection' so i'm stuck please help
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    Root Unexpected problem unrooting the mytouch 3g (32B)

    Hello :) I'm a newbie and i have this problem Unrooting my mytouch 3G.. The problem is that i downloaded the sappimg.nbh file and i put it on my SD card but when i turn my device in HBOOT nothing happens; and this is a video shows what my problem is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pQMbG0dsLA...
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    How to get rid of daily Apps

    In the past week I keep getting daily apps from discoverapps.appia that I do not want and I have no idea how to stop them. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do? I have gone into the play store and turned off the notification and auto updates. Thank You sher
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    Root Tmobile mytouch 3g root failed now stuck on Welcome Touch Screen

    Hello, I don't know if this is the right section but I've tried to root my mytouch 3g the other day and it bricked on me. It's now stuck on the Welcome Screen where I have to tap the android but the problem is that the touchscreen doesn't work. I really need my phone working so I've been...
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    Root Tmobile mytouch 3g root failed now stuck on Welcome Touch Screen

    Hello, I don't know if this is the right section but I've tried to root my mytouch 3g the other day and it bricked on me. It's now stuck on the Welcome Screen where I have to tap the android but the problem is that the touchscreen doesn't work. I really need my phone working so I've been...
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    Acore crash on boot

    i have a t-mobile mytouch 3. my screen is locked and a pop up message keeps coming on the screen that reads process android.process acore has suddenly stopped. .... what can i do to fix my phone?????????????????????
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    Help t-mobile problem

    hi all i get problem with my t-mobile 3g. when i turn it on, i just get t-mobile logo followed by android logo and nothing more. i cant turn it off so i have to remove the battery. thank u
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    Update to Froyo 2.2???

    What's up guys. So I have a T-Mobile mytouch 3g and I have been searching how to update to android 2.2, but I haven't had any success. Whenever I get a link that is supposed to link me to the instructions and download, I just end up on the HTC homepage. It's like as if the instructions and...
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    Help Phone will not recieve pictures or video

    My phone will not recieve picture messages or video. I can send pictures to other people but cannot recieve them. Regular text works fine... anyone know of any tricks to solve this? T-mobile my tough 3g
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    Root HTC MyTouch 3G Bluetooth not working and Bluetooth Share Disconnects phone from network

    Hello, I have a HTC MyTouch 3G (Not Slide) phone which is having problem with the Bluetooth feature, it doesn't turn on. I've read around the web of people having a similar issue and in most cases it has been identified as a hardware problem but I just found something strange with the...
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    Root T-Mobile MyTouch 3G - unlock for other carrier?

    Hi guys, since i`m newbie here, i need very important information, which i wasnt able to find in the forum. Is it possible to unlock this T-Mobile MyTouch 3G device in order to use other carrier ? I have a lot of information about this phone, and if some1 need smth, pls tell me. Im advanced with...
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    Help slow speed

    Hi all. My son give to me his Mytouch 4G phone. Is rooted and with custom ROM. I do not know much about smart phones. The problem I have is the internet speed. My max download speed is 13Kb/s. It is slower that dialup. It is something wrong with the phone or is the tmobile. I am on prepaid plan...
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    uploading music

    how can i upload music to My-touch 3G phone? i plug it onto my computer and the little screen doesn't pop up. i tried to look for it in my computer but i still couldn't find it. in my phone the mount thing doesn't show up and i have the SB card in. what else can I do?
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    Locked out Mytouch 3G

    (T-mobile) ok so my sister let me have her phone but she locked her self out of it and she doesn't know the Google username or password. is there anyways i can restart the whole phone over again just like new. I've tried the "soft restart" where you turn off the phone and turn it back on while...
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    Root stuck on fender loading screen!!!! need help

    So I have this fender and as soon at Tmobile send out the update the phone just stays on the fender loading screen and stays the. The phone had never been rooted so I was wondering if there is a way to fix it.
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    Putting contacts on Phone, No DATA Plan

    Hey all, I have had my MyTouch 3G for a while. I recently opted out of a Data plan because i wasn't using it, however that means the synch with my Google account has also stopped. How can I get my contacts in my Google account Synched with my phone with no Data plan? The WiFi still...
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    Could HTC Sense be to blame for my MT3G Slide's touchscreen problems?

    This phone is only a little over a year old and is in pristine physical condition. Recently the touchscreen has been sometimes unresponsive. It flips upside down, splits the screen image in half, and other wacky bugs that render the phone mostly unusable. Being that I've taken such care of...
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    Using MyTouch 3G without service

    I made the mistake of resetting my MyTouch 3G. Now that it's reset, it starts to the Google Sign In screen. Here is what I've tried so far. SIGNING IN This doesn't work because there is no service or wifi. There appears to be no way to access the normal settings menu to turn on wifi. It's a...
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    help with mytouch 3g slide

    So ill keep it simple. Every time I connect my phone to computer it shows some pictures of partial screenshots that I didn't know existed. They are usually when I surf the web and when I use the Facebook app. Anyway I can get rid of this??
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    Help My Touch 4G Andriod Upgrade OS Request:

    :)How do I upgrade my Android Device? I have a current "My touch 4G - about phone said that Android version 2.3.4", that is all, I upset that i found out Android that they informed me. Please upgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.3.7 or up to 3.0 on my requests for HTC MY Touch 4G. Please let me know...
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    Root no android market and no contact sync please help

    I just loaded cryogen 6 and and now i cant get my contacts through sync and no google play please help when i put my account in to load contacts it says it cant reach server please help
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    Help setting up My Touch ( unlocked ) 3G Fender Edition

    I have a question I am a Razr Maxx user who is going overseas in a few days I got a sim card from Mobal and was going to use it on an old Vzw D2 but remember I had a new still in the box My Touch Fender Edition I won so I bought a code to unlock it and now I can't get past the Google Log In...
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    Threading times?

    I'm having trouble with the treading on my MyTouch 3g, When I send a message it comes up fine, then they send on back and they are very rarely in order, sometimes it'll go fine one after the other then random poof grouping them. I looked a little more closely and the times are messed up, say I...
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    Need help... knowledge of motherboard needed..

    I accidentally broke my friends phone who had all their Calendar and Contacts saved only to the phone... the motherboard got bent. and the screen/sliding section completely ripped off from the keyboard /main body portion. I bought a totally functional 3G slide and had a local repair...
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    i need a bit of help with my mytouch 3g

    Hello all, im new to the site because this is my first time dealing with androids but im hoping ya'll can help me. I lived in the US for the last few years and now moved back to ukraine and id like to be able to use the phone here, i bought a sim card but it needs a security code? i entered the...