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Aug 20, 2010
so im pretty sure i might have just bricked my droid...
i was told by my fiance that it wouldnt brick it if i installed the update without unrooting...
big mistake i think??
its stuck on the triangle exclimation with the android bot...
its been like that for like 10 minutes...
ami bricked? can i fix it?!?!
im never listening to my fiance again...
plleeeaassseee somebody help meeee!!
I am willing to bet you 99.99% you are NOT bricked

Also, you did not talk about what "the update" is your referring to? I assume FRG83D? if so, it would not have bricked your phone. IF you had/made a ROM backup at some point, then the FRG83D install may have just failed and if you pull the battery and restart, you should boot back into the phone... did you try that? this was a scenario that worked in the past though I think FRG83D will unroot you if you did not have a backup ROM in place, but if you did have a backup in place, then the battery pull and restart might kick it back as that means the OTA update failed to take as the backup from clockworkmod blocked it.

BTW, if pulling the battery to reboot did not work, that search under "bricked" and you will see all kinds of threads where you can find details on work around and steps to fix as many people have been through this. But I would not worry about having bricked your phone, it is just now PITA time it takes to recover back.
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i figured it out. i was affraid i would brick it forever if i pulled the battery out lol
i had it backed up. im good. now i just need to unroot and update. and yes i was talking about the newest update :] thanks for yalls help!!!
i appreciate it. i was really freaking out because i cant afford a new phone right now lol.
man im such a ditz hahahaha
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