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broken mini usb impossible to fix ?


Jul 8, 2013
Dropped my phone and catched it by the cable before it landed, but now it wont charge ..

I gave it to the local repair company but they returned it as unfixable/scrap

Are they bullying me in hope of me scrapping it ? And buying a new phone or is the
Phone constructed so you cant replace the USB connector ?

If you are highly skilled at soldering you might be able to solder a new one on lol. It requires a level of precision that is very difficult to obtain because of the micro connections to the board. Yes pretty much anything integrated into the board would be too hard to exchange. Broken screens are one thing ICs (integrated circuts) are a whole nother story.
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If you cant get it fixed, youre probably best to check ebay etc for someone selling an s3 with a broken display then put your display on it. Id try another repair shop though :thumbup:
Your phone isnt scrap, the display is still a valuable part

Or i would just try to charge the battery on another device and use wireless when transfering data ;) but thats a good idea ! :)

on the other side it does feel like a thing that should be able to be replaced :mad: since its one of few "mechanical" things on the phone...
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