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Help Broken Nexus S Screen and LCD


Sep 8, 2011

I'm not new to the forums (been reading them for about a year, maybe more) but have recently signed up as I have a problem!

Basically I fell off my bike straight onto my Nexus S (I9020), not good! The screen is shattered and the LCD has stopped working, the phone still turns on, however there is no display and the touch screen doesn't seem to work, as the hardware buttons don't respond.

Anyway, I looked into a couple of options for repairing it, and I decided on sending the phone in to be repaired at the shop I bought it from so that I didn't void my warranty. However, they have returned the phone stating that it is beyond economical repair (more expensive to fix than it would be to replace as a whole.)

So my next option is to repair the phone myself, buying a new LCD screen and digitizer and fitting it. I just wanted to know whether anybody has done this before and has any pointers? Also, I want to make sure I buy the right screen replacement (AMOLED and not S-LCD) and am unsure whether all I9020s are AMOLED or not?

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Any success on the repair? I just cracked my screen the other day & I'm very interested to hear how the fix went for you. I've taken a look at the ifixit.com teardown and it looks pretty straight forward till you get to the heat gun...
That part concerns me. Do you mind posting your findings?
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hi i have exactly the same problem ... broken glass...
i was thinking about buying this Assembly LCD Display Touch Glass Samsung Nexus S I9020 | eBay
do i need the heat gun to install it? thanks a lot

Ideally yes, but a hair-dryer might also work.

I have a i9023 SLCD version I dropped. Glass is cracked but LCD fine. What do I need to purchase to fix? Thanks :)

I'm pretty sure you'd still have to buy the LCD, Digitizer, Glass assembly as I've only seen it sold as a complete unit and not separately i.e. just the glass front and/or digitizer.

Also you need to make sure you buy the i9023 model as I'm sure I read somewhere the screens aren't compatible with other models. Good news though as i9023 screens seem to be cheaper than the i9020 ones!

Hope this helps!
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