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Help Browser cant access google login


Jan 3, 2013
I just got the xperia play with android 2.3 and don't plan on ever activating it through a carrier. I'm using my home wifi for everything and all of that seems fine. The only problem that i'm having is when i use thw web browser to surf to google then click the signin button, i get an error page saying Web page not available.

I can sign into hotmail...
I can browse to any page except for the google account stuff.
I am able to sync with the Accounts & Sync using my google email.
I cannot access the google market, it gives same error, Web page not available
I can install apk using my usb.
I can play internet games like pocket legends.

Do these google website pages require me to activate the phone?
Is there a setting I need to set?
Is there an update that i need?


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