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Help Bug in GTalk (Talk) app?


Apr 19, 2012

I'm seeing some weird behavior in the Talk app on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 4.0.3). I also had the behavior before i upgraded from gingerbread to ICS.

The problem is, when I use Talk to chat with my contacts, all of our messages are grouped together. All of my messages show up at the bottom of the list, and everytime I write a new message it is appended to the bottom. The contact I'm chatting with, his/hers messages shows up at the top of the list, so all his/hers messages are grouped up there, and the new message is appended to their grouped messages.

This means I have to scroll up every time I need to see what new message they just wrote.

Do you guys know what's wrong? I had the same problem on Gingerbread. It went away when I upgraded to ICS. But after a night of sleep where my phone was locked for 6+ hours and I received a lot of Talk messages - the problem was back.


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