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Bug - wont spell certain words, locks in caps, then force close??


Feb 22, 2010
Crazy bug, anyone else?

1. When writing a text in text prediction mode, if i try to spell a word with 4 then 3 (such as he, id, i'd,...) it shows them as options yet it wont allow it to be placed in the text box nor can i get out of the process unless i act as if i want to try to add a new word and then i get this message "Sorry - the application touch input (process.com.htc.android.htcime) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" with a force close and then i cant finish the text at all. Then, any text i try to write from that point on is all in caps yet the arrow that normally shows caps is regular. The only (so far that i figured out) to fix this is to then make the arrow in caps mode and change it back to not caps. Crazy huh? Am i the only one with this bug? Any fix?

2. Sound disappears for the ringer yet it shows that its on. Only way thus far i have solved this is to reboot. Anyone have this?

3. Last thing and not sure if this worked lately with 1.5 cuz its been a while since i used it but with the i music app, when i try to download a song it says "error:client request couldnt be parsed" or "error:insufficient storage space." So with that said, what is the best app to get songs and then make them ringers?


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