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Bullet proof

Lucky, maybe, but there have been numerous incidents in the last 10 months and not a scratch. I've never had a phone as robust as the Esteem.

I dropped my esteem quite a few times in the 8 months i had it and the corners are scratched but the screen is spoteless. It is a very durable phone fo real. By the way i have the exteded battery on it and dont have a protective cover on it.
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I weigh..... Ahhhhhgm, 275. Tripped and fell, hands straight out in front of me, including my 2 week old esteem.... Destroyed the plastic film, dinged the plastic, 2 scratches in the glass...

Amazing! Should've had pieces of esteem protruding the back of my hand!

When my phone was stolen, i bought another just like it! Rooting it this weekend.
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