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lg esteem

  1. S

    plz help me plez

    hii ineed any stock rom for ms910 tot or kzd my phone is bruken olny lg logo no recavry i flah it by thes rom ZVG but stell bruken LG LOGO plz help me all links off roms is down
  2. A

    Help Cant save 3g setting

    Hello all ... I have LG ms910 but icant save 3g data by dfs to run 3g on onther cdma Can me get nv file to unlock radio to save 3g data.!! Thanks advance..
  3. S

    Does anyone has a working link for the LG ESTEEM CM10 cm-10-20130316-UNOFFICIAL-ms910.zip all link

    Does anyone has a working link for the LG ESTEEM CM10 cm-10-20130316-UNOFFICIAL-ms910.zip all link broken can anyone help please
  4. brett ricketts

    service activation?

    hello, I have a big question. Is it possible to activate your service on your own on the lg esteem? what methods does metro use to activate the service? please help. Even a method to get temporary service would be helpful.
  5. R

    lg esteem stuck in boot mode

    can't get my lg esteem to boot, help!
  6. Self_Esteem

    Root NO sd-ext found

    why is my Esteem ms910 saying this everytime I try to load a new ROM? some one please help..... and also I forgot to back my original MetroPCS ROM when I downloaded and installed #2.. Now I have no ROM at all what can be done....... please help
  7. fullbloodedmut

    Root Hows my esteem users

    I Was told that by the end of the year the esteem will be gone,my esteem was returned for repairs but the stated they didnt have anymore instock,so they sent me the lg connect,and the first day i gt it,i sent it back,then they sent me the optimus f6,which suxs,the whole internal/external memory...
  8. R

    Help Last Compatible Rhapsody APK

    The current version of Rhapsody available on Google Play only runs on Android 4.0 and up which makes it impossible to run on my esteem which is still on Android 2.3. A couple weeks ago, flashed a new rom and backed up the apps I felt were high priority aka my text messages, contacts, etc. and I...
  9. R

    Root What is the best rom for this device?

    I bought this phone for $20 on ebay a while back. Was going to use it to replace a broken metro phone but ended up buying Moto G. So now I was thinking of using this as a dedicated mp3 player in the car for me and the wife. I'm sure it would be perfectly fine running stock rom for this...
  10. I

    Root Lg esteem stuck!!!

    When I turn on the phone, it will show the lg logo. After that its just dark with a backlight. I can't boot into recovery because it won't stay in recovery long enough for me to do anything. It will just show the little android out of the box then turn off and the whole thing just repeats...
  11. E

    Help LG Esteem Stuck On Metro PCS Screen Loop?

    Hi,I have a LG Esteem ms910,the phone was doing fine until I tried restarting it last night.The phone gets passed the Lg start up screen then gets stuck on a loop on the metropcs screen and never boots up? Can anyone help me?:confused: I have tried taking the battery out and I really don't wanna...
  12. L

    Root No backup, no ROM installed, what to do?

    found out what to do
  13. E

    Root Bricked while updating PRL!! Need help

    Ok so been using the Number2 rom for years now and like I always do when I reset my phone I dialed the *228 to load the latest PRL... went threw the menu for PRL and then the voice said it loaded the PRL successfully then when I went to disconnect the call I noticed my phone said that my phone...
  14. D

    Root need working links for zvb, something stable

    i need somegood roms for zvb please help asap:(
  15. W

    Root Rom #2 no pc recognition

    I have Rom #2 for some time, with BT fix and Overclock, never noticed a problem. But today I tried to connect to pc to add music to SD Card. Pc doesn't recognize phone. I tried changing Mass Storage, tried reboot both phone and computer, tried new usb driver, tried lg updater tool, nothing is...
  16. I

    Limited 4g data and hidden menu problem

    I have a rooted Metro PCS Lg Esteem with
  17. fullbloodedmut

    Root New lg updates

    i found a link that shows the latest updates for lg phones,The esteem shows zvg as latest update,I found this link after using the lg update tool for my connect after deleting a file,i was at vv5,but it went to vv6.but heres the link Latest LG Phones Firmware Update: Model, Version, date...
  18. BRAINZ2013

    Root [Dev][Rom]{ALPHA}[WIP] -STEEMKITKAT-

    This is a Work In Progress for the Lg esteem. For all of the users that look for that Kitkat feel and taste that our Lg Esteem is wanting just check out some things for you to feel in the future . Eta we don't ask for but just a few photos for you to taste what your Esteem is going to feel. This...
  19. A

    Root Issues going back to stock rom and upgrading to zve??

    I am having issues going back to stock to upgrade to zve. I have tried in the past (when zve first came out,) and was unable to. I am now experiencing data issues, so I wanted to try upgrading to zve. I am currently running rom 2 with cwm. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide :)
  20. M

    Root Android 2.3 help

  21. M

    Root How can I downgrade from ZVE to ZVB/C?

    None of the links for LGNPST are working on here. Is there any updated ones? Please help.
  22. N

    Root lite roms or removing default apps

    hello guys and gals! First post here, i usually post over on android central forums. I had posted this over there too but it seems you guys have more esteem specific posts here. any way lets get to it.... So Im a utilities engineer at a hospital and I need something for the 2nd and 3rd shift...
  23. fullbloodedmut

    Root Pie for lg esteem

    This morning i ran across a video on YouTube about the LMT-pie controls for basically any rooted phone, so i googled it and xda has all you nd to know on how and wat to todo, pretty much download it and install with es file, im still playing with it and all the features, so as u can see, ive nt...
  24. V

    Root new cwm issue

    I went from stock zve to rooted w/ busybox, cwm recovery, ROM toolbox & ROM manager. Switched to Black Plague, then to Gingersteem, made backups along the way, and have restored them all before... Now for some reason cwm fails and gives an issue when restoring system in the stock ROM backups...
  25. R

    Root What is the newest android i can run on this?

    I just bought one off ebay as a cheap replacement to my broken phone. It says it runs stock Gingerbread. Is there any chance of me getting this at least to Jellybean?