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Help Bump App PERMANENTLY changed contacts


Aug 23, 2010
so here is my problem. i downloaded the bump app, tested it with a friend, and it completely screwed up his contact info on my phone. its showing me his same phone number displayed in 3 different ways, all kinds of information i dont want to have, and has added in the "Notes" of the contact, Added by Bump on.

i have deleted bump, i want zero traces of it ever being on my phone. unfortunately, all this excess contact information is still there when i go to my contacts. when i click edit, it only shows me the fields that i originally put into the phone (one email, one phone number). when i click done, it still has all the Bump stuff which has tripled the length and amount of info on that contact.

when i unlink the contact from facebook i lose the image, but it goes back to displaying just the one number and email. when i re-link it to facebook, it brings back all the uneditable bump information, none of which is actually on facebook.

i dont know what else to do. it doesnt matter if i edit the contact on my phone or on the computer.

i just basically want my phone back to how it was before bump ever touched it. i dont like the fact it stores information on my phone that not only can i not decide what, i cant change or remove it apparently.



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