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Buying Nexus 4


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Oct 5, 2010
Puerto Rico
Hello guys,

I have Galaxy S3 at this moment and I was thinking on getting the new Nexus 4. The problem is that is sold out in Google Play. There is a guy selling a sealed Nexus 4 for $460. Is it worth it to get it for that price in the street?... should I wait for Google to have it in stock?....
It's all a matter of opinion for you. Do you like your S3? Can you afford to buy a phone at $460? Many options are available for this. I personally would probably pay $425 tops for the Nexus 4 16 GB, considering the fact that after taxes and shipping it costs about $392 anyway, that may swing you either way! Hope that helps!
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Ok so I got the Nexus 4... my question is

All I have to do is take the simcard out of my Galaxy S3 and into the Nexus 4?... there is nothing else?.... no special settings in the Nexus or anything?

I heard some guy telling me that I needed to make some adjustments to the Access Points to make the Internet work good.
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