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Calendar notification noises?


Aug 3, 2010
Hi everyone, firstly, thanks for this site, there are some great tips here!
Well I got my Captivate just about a week ago and can't seem to figure something out...

I would like to be able to set an appointment, and have it use a loud, noticeable, annoying tone (i.e. to wake me up!). Currently it is using the "On Time" tone, but when I change the notification ringtone, nothing changes. I can change the notification volume, which makes "On Time" louder, but I would like a different sound.
Any thoughts?
I just did some searching, & apparently there's no way to do it via the stock GUI. The suggested solution is to install Calendar Snooze, which lets you select your notification sound. It will play the notification sound you select in addition to the default notification unless you deselect notification sounds in the stock app.
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I had the same problem. Could not figure it out tried everything. Eventually I had to root it and replace the on time sound file with the one I wanted. Let me know of you need help doing that.

Yes, please. I'm already rooted and have side-loading going on, but I don't know how to go about replacing that file.
Thank you both for the replies... In the mean time I'll give calendar snooze a try!
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