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Calendar replacement free ???


Sep 21, 2011
Laval, Qu
I love the fact that the calendar is synced to my google calendar, but can't stand I can't navigate by month or by year on this calendar, such a simple task is virtually impossible on the default calendar and I don't know why, every phone I owned prior to this new android smartphone had a calendar that I could navigate easy but on the integrated one on Android, you just can't get to the next month with sliding which is totally absurd, any good replacement one that would also keep the data synced to google calendar and if possible, free ???
Its the default calendar, I want a replacement for it, the one included doesn't support the most basic functions such as allowing me to browse by month and setting a scheduled meeting for the next month or next year, doesn't even support sliding to the next month on the screen, what a piece of crap, how could google release such a nightmare calendar app
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