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Help Calendar Sync problem


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Jul 3, 2010
I hope someone can help with this please.
Trying to get my calendar events synced on new One SV.

I set up the phone with my google account. Previously the google calendar was synced to an android gingerbread HTC desire HD. But only some of the calendar entries on the web have synced back to the phone. Only birthdays and other recurring events. The others haven''t transferred to the phone but remain on the web.

I had a load of old events from an old nokia phone which i used the transfer app on the phone to send via bluetooth from the nokia to the HTC One SV's google calendar account. This worked fine and these events then were synced and thus transferred to the web calendar.

I still cannot get all the events from the web to my new phone though. Any ideas?
Are these events on the "main" calendar or in different ones (with different colors) ?

All events were on the same calendar. I only created a back up web calendar afterwards. But always set it to only sync one, the main one and checked all settings were correct in account sync/google account, and the visible calendar in calendar settings is set for the main one. Also account is set to "Autosync".

Ok bit of a long story here so been busy with this, so here's where I am.

First i managed to find my old Nokia N95 (that previously had its calendar PC synced in error to the Desire HD). I then used the transfer wizard on the One SV to get all these really old events onto the One SV's Google account calendar. Then the phone synced to google and these old events were uploaded to the web calendar correctly.

Thus on the web the calendar was correct it had old events from the nokia as well as the newer ones from the desire HD that always were google calendar. Though the phone only had the older calendar with imported events from the nokia.

Next I did a calendar sync expecting that the newer events from the web calendar would be added to the phone. They weren't, all that was transferred were recurring events only, like repeated appointments or birthdays.

Next i made backups or the google calendar exporting it for safety as it was technically correct with all entries. Then I removed the google account from the phone. I then made a back up duplicate calendar on the web, just in case there was any corruption, by re-importing the ics file, previously exported.

Now I recreated my google account on the phone. And tried syncing again. Once again the only thing that was transferred to the now empty google calendar on the phone were recurring events.

Again i wiped the google account and recreated it. This time I used My Phone Explorer software, to do a force sync from the full correct web google calendar back to the phone. This worked successfully and all the events from the google calendar on the web were transferred to the phone, making both calendars the same.

The success was short lived as I then set the phone on auto sync for the calendar, expecting it to spin momentarily, seeing as both calendars were the same. I was wrong, it took about 10 minutes and in the end it proceeded to remove all events from the phone, except the recurring events, and upload them to the web calendar. Hence leaving me with two of every event on the web and only recurring events on the phone. :ahhhhh:

There seem to be no options here for the sync, so what is the problem, does google sync actually ever work, I'm flummoxed. :thinking:
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Thought i would try this:

1. Deleted primary calendar on web (thus now unusable as google changed settings so you can no longer re import a file into a wiped primary calendar).

2. Created new calendar on web called HTC.

3. Imported all 926 events from ICS file. All content appears.

4. Set phone on auto sync, for HTC calendar.

5. Sync ONLY transfers all the recurring events to the phone.
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Ok i think i finally fixed it, will test over next few days. Had to use My Phone Explorer which requires the app installed on the phone and set correctly to sync the correct calendar in my case the main one I wiped from google on the web. Also HTC drivers must be installed on the PC and debugging mode enabled on the phone in development. The phone should be connected in charge only mode for ICS, for JB newer HTC drivers are needed so the latest HTC sync is required. Normally I would install it then uninstall it just leaving the drivers.

I connected the phone so that all the drivers were correctly installed and phone recognised. Run the MPE app and checked its settings on the phone were correct and set to the right calendar.

Started MPE on the PC and created a new connection without syncing. Then entered MPE settings.

I only set only the organiser to multisync and unchecked the rest

And in the SYNC setting I set the organiser to force sync from my ICAL file to the phone's google calendar. This is the main one that I had deleted on the web, so it exists as a blank calendar on the web and google won't let you import into it.


In the advance tab you have to set up which calendar to sync to and choose the ical file.


you need to click the plus symbol to get to the dialogue box to enter the name of the calendar to sync under the "Title" then the little box underneath to browse to the ical file. I entered my google username (email) and password also, though I am not sure it is required.


Once all was set i hit ok in each dialogue box and then switched MPE to select the appointments in the Organiser on the left of MPE. This was presently blank. I then selected Blue circular synchronise button on the top. MPE then uploaded all the calendar entries to the phones google calendar in the account i had chosen.

Then I disconnected the phone and closed MPE and switched on WiFi, and as the calendars were set to auto sync, the phone began syncing. This took about 15 mins. and the phone uploaded all the calendar entries to the main default google calendar on the web, that i had previously deleted on the web. Crucially this time retaining the entries on the phone. It is worth remembering that if you delete your main calendar on the web it remains there but blank, and you are unable to reimport into it any entries using google. If you try you get an error warning. The ONLY way to get entries back in there is through a 3rd party app such as MPE.

here is a link for MPE software, when installing there is a stage where "revenue earning software" for the developer is requested to be installed. If you don't want this make sure you select DECLINE at this stage, this may happen 2 or 3 times so you would have to decline several times.

FJ Software Development

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