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htc one sv

  1. sqwerl

    Help "Searching for GPS..."

    I've been trying to use maps navigation for the past few weeks and have been seeing this. The GPS never finds my location and I just keep seeing this message. I have to delete all maps data and configure it all again. That only works for about one navigation route then the issue starts happening...
  2. A

    Root Rooting HTC One SV c525c Version 4.2.2 Boost Mobile

    Okay I'm a newbie at this, and I'm trying to root my HTC but I cant find any of the files that I apparently need and Ive read about a lot of problems with the clockwork mod recovery. So if someone could help out id greatly appreciate it!
  3. lvt

    Icons of uninstalled apps always appear after quick reboot

    Hi all, My HTC One SV is rooted and Link2SD is used to gain more apps memory. But I have a strange problem recently, each time I uninstalled an app, its icon will still show up after the next quick reboot. I know that I can remove the icon by holding it and move it to the trash when the...
  4. Alonsy

    Help k2_cl volume

    Looking to see if someone can tell me where to locate and change ONLY the headphone volume. Thank you.
  5. knoober

    Root No Exfat support?

    I had a side project I was working on, and was going to use my Desire 510 until Sunshine tried to charge me for s-off (Boooo! - i know devs need money too but I was displeased when I saw that :) ) So I have to default to my broken-ish One SV (because it is already s-off). The biggest problem is...
  6. R

    Root HTC One SV - How to Root

    Hi, Can anyone give me some info on rooting this model phone (running 4.2.2)? Also, I heard from a friend that it shouldn't be difficult and relatively safe if you follow instructions. I'm nervous about possibly bricking my phone, but there is so much bloatware on it that I can't help but be...
  7. 2

    Root HTC oneSV-Boostmobile

    i rooted my htc oneSV, put viperSV ROM on it and its super glitchy, how do i flash the stock one back on??
  8. 2

    Root Getting my HTC One SV back to normal...

    I have a rooted htc one sv with viperSV ROM, It sucks...I want to get it back to Just rooted with normal ROM..how do i do that?
  9. Chopper dave

    Help k2_cl camera orientation issue

    So my phone is a k2_cl rooted, s-off, 4.2.2, stock kernel, with the one_sv_swapper mod. Anyways, I'm having issues with the stock camera saving the orientation of some photos incorrectly. it seems to be random. For instance, I'll take 3 pictures (from the same session, ie 15 seconds apart) in...
  10. S

    Root What are these partitions for?

    So i keep getting the low storage notification and even though i clear my cache and Uninstall apps, the message stays and i feel like these partitions are the culprit and i was wondering what they are and if they are safe to wipe
  11. sqwerl

    Root RUU 4.2.2 - does this look right?

    I'm s-off and I've run this RUU: RUU_K2_CL_JB422_SENSE50_MR_Sprint_WWE_Boost_3.05.653.4_R_Radio_1.12.50.0516_10.30.42.25_NV_NV_Boost_2.20_150_release_389346_signed.exe When I boot up, the animation shows HTC One, WITHOUT an 'SV'. The home top icons look really strange. I know the far left...
  12. C

    Help Looking for RUU official 3.11.1020.11

    Hello geeks! Because of signature problems, i cannot setup latest RUU on my HTC one SV. I have to setup the same RUU I'm looking for RUU 3.11.1020.11 Europe Did not find that version on http://www.androidruu.com/?developer=Ville HTC one SV :) Thanks for advices Chris
  13. C

    Help HTC Backup has stopped unexpectedly.

    As title says, this is an error I've been getting for a while now and it got to a point that I wanted to reset data to factory state to see if it would fix it. Alongside this problem, I was getting: Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped working, Unfortunately...
  14. John Hemming

    Root Rooting 4.2.2 One SV - LTE

    I have spent about a day and a half struggling to get my phone rooted. I am at the moment stuck when I try to go into recovery from HBOOT. I did read somewhere that CWM does not work with Android v 4.2.2 (on this forum), but cannot confirm this. I have tried to load up the most recent TWRP...
  15. alexscott

    Root Phone stuck in boot loop, help? Linux solutions ideally.

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me. I've looked through the forums and there are allot of similar threads with peoples who's phones are stuck in a boot loop and only able to open to bootloader menu, however after trying a couple of solutions I have been unable to get my...
  16. J

    Help HTC One SV in Bootloop, have I made it worse?

    Hi All, First post here so please go easy on me ;) The missus got an upgrade a few weeks ago and as a result her HTC One SV was left laying around. I have always found the one sv a great little phone and thought why not factory reset it and give it to my seven year old daughter to save her...
  17. M

    htc one sv qpst

    can some one give me the right files to fix my phone. https://devlakiutak.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/fixdeadboot/
  18. laralynmowers

    Root How to Root Your Boost HTC One SV (Mac OS)

    I put these notes together for my own understanding as I went through the process of rooting my Boost HTC One SV (K2_CL). I subsequently discovered this thread (by @EarlyMon), which is a resource I wish had shown up in the search results before I went through the process. I'm leaving this thread...
  19. J

    Root stuck on fastboot, reboot won't work

    New here on the forum, need some help though if ya'll have the time...so my phone went to fastboot to which I didn't do anything to trigger this thing to do it...but that's it...bootloader,reboot, or reboot bootloader dosen't do anything to it....when you do try, it turns off then starts back...
  20. J

    Help Also stuck on fastboot, reboot won't work

    New here on the forum, need some help though if ya'll have the time...so my phone went to fastboot to which I didn't do anything to trigger this thing to do it...but that's it...bootloader,reboot, or reboot bootloader dosen't do anything to it....when you do try, it turns off then starts back...
  21. SolusRenegade

    Root (SOLVED) HELP!!! Trying to root my HTC One SV

    Ok, so here is the problem. I unlocked my bootloader and let my phone reset. I powered off my phone and went back into the recovery screen and it says unlocked. From there I went back into fastboot and I used the command "Fastboot flash twrp.img" fast boot ran successfully, but on my phone it...
  22. coolbeans2015

    Root New rooter needs assistance

    Never thought to go to support with Netflix. Thanks, it could probably help. It is sad HTC has such great equipment, but when you contact technical support they not only do not know anything, they act like they don't care. I am knew to the forums, and I mean any not just this, Android Forums...
  23. advilsmith

    Root Apps2SD

    The HTC OneSV has 4GB internal which is pretty pathetic but whatever, I have 16GB SD. My issue is this: Why can I not move Google applications or FB to my SD? Currently using Link2SD. I get the following error message. Failure pkg: /data/app/ com.android.chrome-1.apk Failure...
  24. C

    Help freeze on boot non rooted htc one sv boost

    I took my daughters phone away for a couple weeks and removed battery. when i gave it back it wouldnt boot up. it instead got stuck on htc one/beats audio white screen. I have tried to recovery and reset factory settings to no avail. " *** LOCKED *** K2_CL PUT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-2.21.0000...
  25. D


    Hello I've been looking through several threads and I can't see to find a reliable solution (I am no expert at all in this but I'm not that lost either) I have a HTC ONE SV K2_CL S-ON device that seems to no longer have any OS. I also have installed the CWM on it. See, when I trun it on it just...