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Calendar Sync Problem


Nov 8, 2014
Until recently, my entire google calendar was syncing to my Galaxy S4. Now I only show items for the last year. I routinely search my calendar for past events and need to go back to a specific date years ago. The events (dating back to 2003) are in my Google calendar online, but won't display on my device. New events entered online show up on my phone, and new events entered on my phone show up online, so the calendar is syncing.

I was on the phone with tech support for over an hour, with no resolution. AT&T recently forced an update, which may be the culprit, but I'm not certain. When my phone alerted me to the update, I hit no. It alerted me again. I hit no. It alerted me again. It hit no ... then it updated anyway.

I've deleted the gmail account and re-added it to my phone. I've rebooted. I've done everything short of resetting my device to factory default ... which I don't want to do ... and would likely only solve the problem until AT&T forces an update. I tried to export my Google calendar to an ical to import into another Google account, but it only exports birthdays!! I'm stymied and extremely frustrated. I love my phone, but if I can't find a solution, I'm going to be forced to get a different phone, and likely on a different platform ... and I REALLY don't want an iPhone or Windows phone!

The only other thing I can think of is that I have turned off a process necessary to completely sync the calendar. What processes need to be running to sync the google calendar to an android phone?


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