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Help Calendar Sync Queries


Feb 3, 2011
I'm trying to replicate what I had with my iPhone but so far failing miserably. So first a brief overview of what I had.

All my contacts / phone numbers synced with an app called Vodafone360 (forget its original name) which allowed sync of phone numbers & contacts from mobile to web.

I then used one of my google accounts as a claendar and sync'd work (Outlook Exchange) to google and home (plain Outlook) to google via its own calendar sync. All worked well and I didn't even have to remember to sync (except for the contacts) as all was automatic.

Now I have a DHD and I'm in a right pickle between trying to understand the equivalents and syncing to the point where some events appear four times and I can't work out where they are coming from. Part of this i sno doubt my use of funamobl to try and solve my outlook sync issues

So in my ideal world I'd like to wipe all current data and sync straight to my google account - BUT ONLY for calendar not contacts or people or ... after this is solved then I need to look in to syncing from work to google and home to google again as theirt calendarsync app is becoming more and more problematical - it doens't work on my home PC at all and frequently fails at work.

Suggestions please as to a way forward and I have on issues with using an app to achieve all this either.

To clarify and re-iterate I'd like to:

  • clear all current calendar data from my phone only
  • be able to sync work calendar <--> google
  • be able to sync home calendar <--> google
  • be able to sync DHD <--> google
  • and all automatically.
I realise that this may require me turning on my "mobile network" which is not an issue in data terms as I'm on an older unlimited contract but is an issue in that it then stops me receiving phone calls.
I had the same problem with my Facebook and Google calendars duplicating events.

If you clear the Calendar data the way Pothers said to, then head over to the "Accounts & Sync" option in "Settings" here you can change what you sync with the DHD so if you want just the Calendar from your google account to show up you need to hit the google account in question (click add if it's not the one you already have set up to use the market) the next screen you come to gives you the options of what to sync for the account, so untick 'contacts' and 'gmail' then it'll only sync the calendar.

I cannot help you with the syncing of work and home calendars with google as it's not something I do, but I hope the above has helped you get what you want done :)
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Than you both.

I was getting very confused wandering round sub menues and the option you pointed out has done the trick. I'm more than happy for the phone just to sync to my google calendar but couldn't find where to stop other stuff doing the same.

Now all I need to do is sort my contacts out in google and get them sync'd in as well. Unles anybody happens to know a decent people / contacts manager?
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You can sync your Google contacts to your people app, using the same method I mentioned above but, ticking the contacts box too.

It's probably why my contacts, etc are in such a mess as I've been with google for years but have never bothered to manage my contacts and consequently they're a right mess.

It doesn't help that google doesn't have a good grip on managing contacts in the first place

I plan to sort them out finally and then I'll sync them in ... possibly ;)
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