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Call Blocker

As has been said multiple times, what you are looking for isn't a feature of the phone, its a feature of the service you use. you can make arrangements to block unwanted numbers. Alternatively, you can use some form of call forwarding service like google voice, and set up call blocking through that.

There is no way to block calls from the handset.
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I use it for antivirus and phone locating. It also has call blocking but I have never tried it.

Edit: I just tried it. If I block a particular number, it will send caller to my voice mail.

That's about the best you'll get from the phone. All the phone can do is accept/reject the incoming call.

Root Call Blocker will block the call and won't send it to voicemail.

Google voice can send calls to Spam and play a "this number is no longer in service" message instead of ringing
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I use call blocker by Embware, this is free to use. You can block calls + texts, you can choose whether the call is just hung-up which can send to voicemail or answer + hang up with your own message the caller hears.

The problem with this is your phone might still ring, and you will still get voicemail. Both of the solutions I posted above have neither of those problems. The Google Voice solution also offers exactly what the OP is looking for by playing a "disconnected" message to callers instead of ringing.
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Lot of mobile genius are on the forum but no body have the solution

Did any one knows about call blocker for android who could say "the dialed number is powered off" to the caller instead of busy tone............

Use Google Voice as your primary number, then you can have it say anything you want to blocked calls.
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Use Google Voice as your primary number, then you can have it say anything you want to blocked calls.
Yeah, but it's not necessary to use your GV number at all to block, filter, say a special message, etc. Have all calls to your normal number forwarded to GV and let GV do the work. No one needs to know your GV number.
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