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Help "Call has been lost"


Mar 18, 2011
Has anyone had problems with receiving calls and/or dialing out? Same goes with texting..

Every time I try to call out, nothing will happen for about 30 sec and it'll time out saying, "Call has been lost" or, more rarely, it'll place the call but only after trying for 15 sec. I borrowed a friend's phone and can't place calls to my phone either, or it will go through after a significant amount of time. Again, same with texting... it's difficult sending or receiving.

This is also the first time I've tried to reactivate on my phone as well and it's timed out, so I'm wondering if there's a network problem around Chicago?

I tried calling Virgin's shitty customer service and the rep wasn't able to do anything outside of asking me to take my battery in and out and punching in whatever # number sequence to reactivate my phone. 3g's been in and out, too, so basically my phone's worthless right now...

If anyone has any insight to this, I would greatly appreciate it! I didn't have any of these problems earlier today.


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