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Jul 15, 2010
Oxford / Great Britain
Hi Folks
I dont really like the built in camera app on my Desire as it doesnt have many options so I brought and have been using CameraZoom FX, the problem with this app is that it doesnt take photos in widescreen like the stock app does (5:3 Widescreen).

Does anyone use a camera app (other than the stock one!)that can take photos in widescreen?

Cheers Pete:D
Thanks for that, ive just found that and had a look, I've tried the demo version but it still doesnt take widescreen pics, even after saving them, im not sure if this is just because its a demo, do you use it and can you confirm it works in widescreen?

ive emailed the developer and am waiting for a reply before purchasing.

Thanks Pete
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I bought Vignette and can confirm it takes photos in various shapes and sizes as well as "full screen" the same as the stock camera, but by default it is set at 4:3

Vignette is a great little camera app with all manner of effects and tweaks available, my personal favs are the faded photo and frame option which on screen (and when printed) look great and have nostalgia all over them!

It gets regular (free) updates too, before you buy though I'd be happy to answer further questions
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It doesn't have a real night shooting mode unfortunately, but I guess that's down to the hardware?

Nonetheless it's a great app to have, the only change I'd suggest is to their Polaroid pre-set, I think it looks wrong so I made my own fav using the "faded" instead of "SX-70" for the effect.

Try "faded" with either grungy frame 1 or square white bordered

It can also be set to take a photo every 30 seconds (or other timings), if you transfer the photos over to your computer you can use video creation software to make a time lapse film :)
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Just one question, is it easy to change to the widescreen mode, and can you put a button on the front screen so that you can activate the camera?

When the app opens, press the back arrow to get to the options or long press on the screen and use the circle to select options from there.

Change to WS by tapping "frame" and choosing "fullscreen"

They've just recently changed the front end a little, there used to be a see through red button on the screen to take the image, though I tend to use the trackball button. There is a button though and now if you hold your finger on the screen you can take the image, refocus it or go to options.
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