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Help Camera button broken, can I upgrade to 2.1

is the actual button broken or it just doesn't work when its pressed? if the latter then try doing a factory data reset and see if that fixes the problem if you haven't tried that already. if your within your 30 days of purchasing your phone then try swapping it for a new one. you could also get a new one if you have insurance from sprint. i think samsung has a warranty on the phone too, not sure. without the camera button functioning you cannot access the download mode to do sprint updates unless there's another way. sdx ppl?
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Just go to a Sprint store... All the phones are still under warranty as it is within 1 year of purchase. Be straight up with them, let them know even a crappy referb is fine. If they won't take care of you call phone support or send an email. Ask for a referb as you want to update, but the camera button is broken and you can't.

Should be pretty straight up.
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