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camera problems


Nov 29, 2009
hey guys

I just have to say that the camera quality seems to be really lacking on the eris

-first complain is that the eris camera looses focus easily of not perfectly still,
ok granted it might just be me holding it wrong

-second and worse of all is when trying to take a night shot
I know its not going to be great but i dont
think it should look like this :

anyone else experience this? do you think is my cam is defective? any suggestions? am i just ignorant? :)
if you want to take pictures at night with no lighting, this isn't going to do a great job. but i knew that going in since it doesnt have a flash.

i turned off the auto focus and just tap the screen when i want to take the picture. the camera is mediocre at best, but i wasn't expecting much, either.
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