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Can a battery charge TOO slowly?

Hello all. Recent refugee from a Galaxy S3 here, and new slave to a Droid Turbo.

So far so good, almost... took me two days to figure out how to answer the dang phone but I think I have that solved. I need to dig in to some stuff, but I have a very basic question meanwhile:

Can a battery charge TOO slowly? My Turbo is in an Otterbox Defender case, and due to the charging port flap looking a tad like it might not want to be flexed every night or every other night for maximum longevity, I invested in an inexpensive Qi charger. It does charge right away, and keeps charging, but very slowly, about 10% per hour. This is not a thing because I can leave it overnight, but I wonder if it's bad for it.

My guess is that it is NOT, and here's why: I have a friend who has a gas / plug-in electric hybrid car, and when he looked into getting the 240V home charger, the consensus was "Don't do it - if your battery pack will charge overnight at 120V, stay with that because charging a battery rapidly will decrease the life of the battery." I can't remember if it would decrease the number of cycles available or the amount of charge it would take, but apparently it was a Thing.

So: slow = good, or at least not bad?

Thanks in advance.


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