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Can anyone definitively identify this thing?


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Aug 11, 2014
Crazyville, CA
Hey, everyone.

This is out there, but there are enough varied interests here that I think perhaps someone may know what this is. A friend of mine spotted it and laughed about it being a transformer, but he'd really like to know what it is. (As would I.)

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Judging by the accompanying parts on the trailer in front of it, I would venture to guess that it's a boiler or industrial engine of some sort. It's made to run in the horizontal position based on the location of the controls; there are intake and exhaust manifolds; and the large shiny ring obviously fits into another part because it has been protected from the elements. It would be interesting to know, though, exactly WHAT the machine does.
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I was looking through comparable images of what it might be.
A trailered air / hydro - vacuum excavator thingy which avoids cables and pipelines and stores the excavated soil for off site disposal was the closest I came yesterday

- but looking again the trailer forms a part the unit as it has pneumatic legs on the frame.

It looks like the unit also has pneumatic legs high up (or else pipes attach to both) so it seems to pivot forward / towards you looking at the vertical sides of the trailer frame and that section becomes horizontal - though to me that wouldn't explain the control panel

If it was an hydro / vacuum excavator of some sort it would have a hose / piping extending when it was in working condition.

Maybe its being scrapped.

From here you're on your own :rolleyes:
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