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Can anyone sync to handsfree in their car to upload phone book?


Mar 5, 2010
Ok, I love the phone but I am a two-day owner and really sick of these sync issues already. I finally figured out the software drivers issue on the pc. Now I cant get it to upload my phone book to my car. My hero is running the 1.56.. etc version of the firmware - no 2.0 released... yet.

The nissan (2010) does a circle of death when trying to connect, and the hero does not even get a request (no notifications pop up).

I've looked on my phone for a "send (or upload) phone book" option, but cant find anything for that. Has anyone actually accomplished this? If so please, please help! I drive a ton and really miss my phonebook!:(
I have the Sprint Hero 1.5 and Toyota Prius 2005 Navigation w/bluetooth combination and bluetooth contact transfer does not work, and ringtones are not heard on car speakers over Bluetooth.

Apparently, the bluetooth stack in Android 1.5 is very weak and didn't include a lot of bluetooth RFCOMM file transfer capabilities and bluetooth profiles. I believe my Prius requires the OPP with OBEX bluetooth profiles to work. The reason some work is probably because their car systems can use FTP or GOEP profiles. I've read that Android 1.6 included a lot more bluetooth support and then even more bluetooth support was added with Android 2.0. So, I hope Sprint releases the promised 2.1 update soon so I won't have much longer to wait and see if the update adds the bluetooth profiles capability I need for the Hero to transfer contacts and ringtones to my Prius. Not to mention voice dialing and voice search over bluetooth!
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Thanks everyone for taking the time to write. Those of you who got it to work, can you tell me a little more about your process- so I know what to be watching for?

I've had cars that load it both ways, they can either a) reach out to ask the phone to upload, or b) accept an incoming transfer and from a send out from the phone.

Just wondering which way has been successful for others on this particular phone, and oh - what version of firmware do you have?

As DaWeave said, I'm reading a lot of people saying that until I have 2.0 or higher the functionality isnt there. I haven't even tried my voice dialing, if that doesnt work either thats just plain depressing...:thinking:
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