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Help Can apps see IMEI after Android 10


Nov 30, 2020
Can apps access IMEI and Serial number after Android 10? Apps like Facebook,Instagram,Tinder. Specifically Tinder, my friend got banned on tinder so we're trying to find a work around. I want to know if they can access IMEI and Serial Number after Android 10? i looked through the Android 10 changelog and i found something but i couldn't understand what it really meant. here's the screenshot and the link, thank you.



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nope apps will need to have root access in order for that to happen. however, i do not think it is possible even if root was granted.

so basically your device would have to be rooted and an app has to be designed to gain access and do a search for the imei.......so no fb and other standard apps will not be able to do such a thing.
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IMEI/IMSI would be a dumb way to ban someone, since changing phone/SIM would obviate the ban.

But I can confirm that 3rd party system info apps on my phone just show "unknown" for these vales these days.

(I have to confess that I'd not be comfortable with trying to help someone work around a ban from Tinder, since many of the reasons for banning people in Tinder's rules come under the heading of "protecting other users" and, with all due respect, we've no way of knowing why someone was banned or whether they are telling the truth about it. Plus of course even if we could be sure of your friend, any advice posted publicly could be of use to someone banned for very good reason, so there's a risk involved that way. It's moot because I can't tell you how to do it anyway, but questions of this sort are more problematic than you may see if you are only thinking from your friend's perspective).
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