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Help Can I force an update?


Android Enthusiast
Jun 17, 2012
North Carolina
Yesterday my i337 running 4.4.2/NC1 alerted me that it had d/l an update which I postponed. So last night I prepped to do a FDR before I did the update and then, after doing the FDR, when I go to d/l the update, my phone says it's up to date and I can't check again for 24 hours.

The whole purpose of the FDR was so I could reinstall/tweak on a freshly updated system and now I can't do that. What the heck? Last time I tried to postpone the update the phone did an impromptu update at 2AM in the morning so I was trying to circumvent that. And now I've outfoxed myself.

How can I force the update so I can set my phone up again?
Well it appears I jumped the gun on this update and thought it was 4.4.4 being released. It must have been some minor update as AT&T logged onto my phone and assured me that I have the latest software.

Rats. Well, once I get everything set back up like I want, this should eliminate a few bugs I had from the last update when 4.4.2 came out.

Of course I'll likely have to redo it all again when 4.4.4 and/or 5.0 come out. :p
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