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Root Can I ROOT Without loading CFW?

I am starting to get into Android and have a couple of devices to 'play about' on. I want to ask the following question (and I tried to enhance its searchability as I couldnt find this answer) and please be plain with the answer.

Can I gain ROOT access to install appliactions; such as Avast Mobile Security, without flashing to someones CUSTOM FIRMWARE?

This is not meant to be offensive to the developers that work hard on honest, sincere CFW's as I do know there are quite a few with good intentions. However, being security minded (and already an attempted victim of someone trying to steal our fmailies Health Savings Account thru ID fraud; this is like asking me to use NON-MS updates to update my windows. I dont need any CUSTOM FIRMWARE written by only a internet handle. Id o however, wish to have ROOT ACCCESS to my device, as its owner and administrator.

If the answer is no, then whats the difference between this and JB'ing a device? Why do I need CFW just to gain ROOT ACCESS? Is there a CFW that has been written by a FULLY researchable developer and not just some handle (IE... the real name of the developer along with ACTUAL contact links to him personally)?

Im not asking this from a 'paranoid' perspective but from the position of someone wanting to know who is behind whats being told for me to use.
Moved to the Vitality - All Things Root forum where it will get more attention.
Thank you for moving it to a more veiwable position. I understand and have read through ALL THINGS ROOT, as well as other posts concerning rooting and unlocking.

No one answers this question. I only want ROOT access to install Avast Mobile Security in full... its Firewall features require ROOT access... but only want to cover ROOTING without CFW's or CFR's. This is not really an Avast! issue, but Avast explains why I am asking.

OFF HAND: Im begining work on a whole new type of app(s) so this will alsbe handy to know.

This thread says one can be rooted without flashing but then continues on to flashing the devcie as well.
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Also... Iv went and checked this 'tutorial' out but it does not get into ONLY rooting the phone. It covers downloading someone else's tool to do this; which also wants to flash (from my understadings).


I am looking to gain ROOT access without using some 'unknowns' software application. This thread IS NOT what it claims to be IMO but more a promotion for someones ONE TOUCH unlocker app.

Here is another link; which also explains why I dont want CFW or CFR; not to paranoia but for STABILITY of proven/tested ROMS:

welcome: Why root? And, *NOT* to flash custom ROMs
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